Our clients

At bimforce we help a wide range of leading companies and organisations in the building industry. We have built generators and libraries (the Uniform Object Library is one of them). We have offered advise and did model checks. Below you will find a selection of our services and clients.


For UnetoVNI we created the Uniform Object library. This is a software independent data-driven content generator based on an IFC object database.

For legrand we created a Cable Tray mounting system generator. This is a Revit plugin that automatically:

  • analyses Cable Tray systems;
  • recommends the best solution for mounting systems based on size, weight, fire resistance and other characteristics;
  • automatically places the mounting components.


For Knauf we created a wall generator. This is a software independent data-driven content generator based on an IFC object database.


For Foamglass we created an object generator that allows Revit users to define design criteria and provides the user with the best possible product match to generate in Revit.

For Svedex we created an update for the Svedex Door Generator with new and enhanced features, and the update to Revit 2017.

For Het4Kant we did a model check.

For Kuijpers we did a model check.

We created a translator that allows Voorbij Prefab to automatically process and translate Revit design models into fabrication models that can be used to drive the production of concrete wall panels for housing projects.


For Kuijpers, we designed a BIM strategy for the Amphia Hospital tender.

For Nedap we created an access control systems library (EN + NL) for use within Revit.


For Wédéflex we created a roof systems library for use within Revit.


For Kingspan we created a library of insulations systems, walls, floors and roofs for 12 countries to be used within Revit. 


we created a A stormpan 44 roof tile library for use within Revit for Wienerberger


ULC Installatiegroep

For ULC Installatiegroep we created a distribution boxes generator for use within Revit.


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