VerteX launch

Bimforce is proud to present VerteX, a completely new and unique way to manage and use your BIM Content. VerteX will provide you with a completely data driven process for your BIM Content.

No longer will you need to find, download and maintain separate files. Nor will you have to wonder whether the Content you are using in your project contains up-to-date and accurate product information. VerteX will simply generate the desired objects on demand, when you need in, in the format you need it to be in.

VerteX is completely based on Open Standards, such as IFC, ETIM MC or the (Dutch) Revit Standards. But VerteX can also manage your own company object library, specifically tailored to your information requirements.

VerteX for Revit

VerteX is available for Revit through our free plugins. These plugins, available for Revit 2016 and higher, allows you to directly generate parametric, native Revit content. No longer will you need to download or maintain separate Families or Packages (project files holding Revit System Families). You can search for the desired content by Revit Category, product name or parameter value. Off course VerteX is launched with generic content compliant with the Dutch Revit Standards (NLRS). But VerteX also contains the complete BIM library for the Dutch market for both Knauf (Walls) and Siniat (Walls and Ceilings). Our team is currently working very hard to expand the available libraries.

After selecting the appropriate product, you can preview all data stored in the object. This way, you will know up front what information you will be importing into Revit.


VerteX for IFC

Bimforce is also announcing the upcoming release of VerteX for IFC. This solution will provide an online platform to generate IFC files in the same manner as you can do with VerteX for Revit. Our IFC Content has been tested for all major IFC viewers and software and is fully compliant with the official IFC specifications. In every software tested, the IFC file generated from VerteX could be opened without any loss of information. 

Besides the search and filter option the Revit version also has, VerteX for IFC also allows users to preview the selected object in an online IFC viewer prior to download. If you are interested in testing VerteX for IFC you can submit a form by using the following link. We will inform you when VerteX for IFC becomes publicly available.