Martijn de Riet

information specialist

Martijn has a degree in building engineering. As from 2004 he worked on a great variety of BIM projects. First as a BIM engineer, later also as a BIM Consultant on BIM Implementation projects. Martijn helped over twenty-five companies implementing BIM workflows and worked as an external BIM Manager on large and complex projects.

Martijn has a history of standard development and a longstanding interest in Open BIM and Open Data workflows. He is co-author of the Dutch Revit Standards, and seats in the Technical Committee for the Revit Standards Foundation. Martijn has been Chairman for buildingSMART Benelux since 2015, wrote several publications on IFC workflows and has spoken at multiple conferences on the practical implementation of IFC workflows.


Mark Wieringa  

information specialist

Mark has been a licensed architect since 2006. He has worked as an architect and BIM Manager in several leading architectural firms. Mark has been responsible for the Information Management in several huge and complex design projects. One of those were the 60.000m2 Medical Centre Alkmaar, a few laboratoria, pilot plants and offices by Cepezed.

Mark has a vast track record in standardization processes. He is co-author of the Dutch Revit Standards, vice chairman for the Dutch Revit User Group and chairman of the Revit Standards foundation. Mark was one of the people who got the Revit Technology Conference to Europe. He seated in the committee that organized the RTC in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and was one of the speakers. He spoke on different aspects of BIM, Architecture and Information Management.


Roel Ruijters 

lead developer

Roel has been experimenting with software since the Commodore64 appeared. Between all that lost computer time he found time to successfully complete his studies in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Technical Information Management. After that he entered the world of software development and after 25 years he still finds it amazing!
He has worked in secondment for large (APG, Oce, ASML) and smaller companies in the last ten years and joined Bimforce in 2017. The current Bimforce sotware is primarily web solutions based on NoSql databases. For every solution the challenge is to translate the requirements (sometimes just a scribbled A4) into a working cloud solution. At Bimforce, Roel puts in to practise his extensive knowledge of a wide variety of development languages, such as  C#, VB.Net, VB/VBA, Javascript, Objective-C and Pascal.
After his work he is busy with adolescent children and tries to walk as much as possible (ideally somewhere in the mountains) In the remaining time he tries to stay away from computers, but thats a futile attempt. 

Yvonne Quaadvliet

head financial department

Yvonne started her career at the financial department of BTL which is one of the largest greening companies in the Netherlands. She worked there for nine years, the last seven years as a CFO. After leaving BTL she kept the books for several smaller companies before joining bimforce as CFO in 2016.

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