VerteX is an online platform where content providers can manage and host their content and where end-users can find the content they are looking for and import it directly into the BIM they are working in.

The content on VerteX is stored in such a way that it can be made available in each desirable proprietary BIM format that you want, making your content suitable for use in for instance Revit, Allplan, ArchiCAD, Navisworks or any software capable of opening/importing IFC files, without losing any of the modelling capabilities, parametrics, or any of the other features that are available in your targeted software. As such, Vertex is fully embracing the ideology behind BIM, facilitating collaboration between all partners in the building process, regardless of the software they are using.

At Bimforce we strongly believe in the concept of a single source of truth and Vertex is created exactly like this. Translations of product names, parameters and their values are an appendage to the content rather than a copy of the content which is then translated, like it is in case of conventional content libraries. This means that if there would be an update in the product data, you would not have to do this for each language that product is available in, but only once. This same principle goes for Information Requirements and Standards (like CoBie, NL-RS, UniClass, ANZRS, BSDD) that apply to your content, as well as the level of development of it. This way VerteX makes managing your content and the exchange of it between all your branches in other countries easier, faster and cheaper.

VerteX can be accessed by various different interfaces and plug-ins. If you are a content provider you can manage your content through a webinterface, a locally installed interface, any custom connection you would like (for instance excel or your ERP-system) or a plug-in for your authoring software. If you are an end-user you can access VerteX through the free VerteX for Revit plug-in.

Vertex for Revit plug-in

On our downloadpage you can find a free download of the VerteX for Revit plug-in for Revit 2016. After installing, the plug-in will be available in Revit through the Bimforce menu tab. You can find the installation manual and the user manual for the VerteX for Revit plug-in here. VerteX plug-ins for newer Revit versions are available on request.

VerteX has a lot of potential for content providers, especially when working with large and complex product libraries. If you're wondering what VerteX can fo for you ans what the possibilities are for custom connections to your back-end website, production environment or ERP-system, please get into contact with us.


VerteX features:

  • Multi-platform native content
  • Multi-language object definitions.
  • Output in any applicable
    Information Requirement.
  • Manual and fully automated content data updates.
  • Automatically create object
    assemblies such as Air Handling Units based on manufacturer
  • Support for MEP Systems and
    project-based design dependencies.
  • Both generic design content and manufacturer specific objects.
  • A single object can be translated
    into any language, standard or
    information requirement.
  • No template files or families means no upgrading or duplicates.  
  • All objects can be used and
    generated in any Revit version from 2016 upwards.
  • A single User Interface for all your content.
  • Advanced search and filter
    capabilities on a parameter level, across libraries.