Bimforce is a company started with a shared vision on what BIM can be for the building industry. With years of experience in the field we've come to realize that BIM not just about geometry. BIM Is about communication which in turn consists of data and the correct way of interpreting this data. That is why we started writing the Dutch Revit standards in 2010. It provided a way of structuring data within just one single platform. But also facilitates the ability to communicate with platform independent standards such as IFC.

We firmly believe that the only way of communication can be done with the use of open standards. This provides future solutions and legacy compatibility.  The building industry has come up short with solutions for communications across multiple platforms and business critical applications. That is why we started developing our own set of tools and services.

Our tools are data driven, generic and based upon open standards. They provide cross platform communications and can be easily incorporated into existing workflows or systems. To ensure that no data is lost. The so-called common data environment not just links different documents. But also links their content  in a single source of truth.

The tools also provide new ways of ensuring code & standard compliance and rule checking. But with our tools We can also check modeling conventions, Verify and validate the project brief. While maintaining a project history.