VerteX for Revit Update v1.2.1

And it's time for an Update!

On Februari the first Bimforce proudly presented VerteX for Revit: our free plug-in for your content generation in Revit. Since the release Vertex for Revit has been downloaded over 580 times. 

New Features:

  • A Progressbar has been added
  • Using a Property filter: when avalable the possible DB values are presented, user still has option to enter own value
  • Using a Property filter: units are displayed behind filter
  • A reset option has been added to the Property filter
  • The Property window view is now overlay
  • In the Property view window: URL items are now clickable links
  • The ObjectTypes List can now be ascending and descending

Improved Functionality:

  • Simultaneous generation of multiple objects from different Object Categories is now possible
  • ObjectTypes List: prevented redisplaying items after selection. Selecting an item resulted in redisplaying the list and jumping back to the topmost item
  • Numeric Property filter checks if the input value is an actual number
  • Selecting view properties without an actual object selected no longer lead to a crash