Bimforce services

Software development starts and ends with knowing, understanding and fulfilling client needs. We provide a wide range of services to support our clients, both those who need our software, and those who just need our expertise.

Consulting services

Knowing how to structure your information is most important when working with digital systems. We help our clients at developing a complete information strategy:

  • Developing a Company Information Strategy
    • Research and survey your company processes.
  • Design & create a BIM Information requirements documentation
    • BIM Implementation plan;
    • BIM Protocol;
    • Information Delivery Specification.
  • Software templates
    • Revit project templates;
    • Navisworks search sets;
    • Solibri rulesets.
  • Content creation
    • Develop BIM content requirement specifications;
    • Create BIM content in various different software formats.
  • Project consulting
    • BIM requirement analysis, develop project strategies on meeting client needs;
    • Model checking and validation, assessing handover BIM model quality.

Implementation services

When you decide you want to use our software, we promise to provide implementation services. Much of it is easy and out-of-the-box. All you need to do is install the software and start working with it.

But in some cases you might need assistance. If you want to set up our information platform to your tailored needs, for instance, or are too busy, if you don’t have the required expertise available, or you just want us to facilitate you with a complete solution where we guide you every step of the way, bimforce can assist you at implementing our information platform. We can assess your company information requirements, completely set up a tailored version of our platform and train your personnel to work with it.

Performance support and training

We can help end-users of our software by providing performance support. If you need software wiki pages or need us to deliver a training, online or in-company, just let us know.

Our clients

Our clients are manufacturers, architects, engineers, contractors and clients. We have provided consulting services for:

  • Het 4Kant;
  • Kingspan;
  • Kuijpers Installaties;
  • Nedap Security Systems;
  • ULC;
  • Wédéflex;
  • Wienerberger.


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