Known Issues and Limitations

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Limitations that we can and will solve

  • Only selection on numerical values is currently supported.
  • Filter results are not properly sorted.
  • When breaking the software, you can’t use a “back” button but have to completely restart the plugin.
  • The “Document” button might give an error if the required webplugin isn’t installed. This needs to be added upon installation.

Limitations that we cannot solve

The VerteX plugin requires a working internet connection.

Just stating the obvious here: we provide a realtime link to live product data. We need The Internet.

The Revit API does not support  automatically creating full Material definitions. A first implementation has been provided in Revit version 2018.1, full support is not expected to be present until Revit 2019.

As such, VerteX  also does not support full material definitions. As a (temporary) workaround, Bimforce has created a template that holds all materials used in available VerteX content. Use this template file (which can be accessed by opening it through R > New > Project. Pick “Browse” and navigate to C:\Program Files\Bimforce\Revit\Templates to find this file.

Once opened, you can either choose to generate content in this template file and copy it in your own project, or use “Transfer Project Standards” to just copy Material definitions in your own project. Once your project holds all materials needed, the VerteX plugin will work as expected and add the Material definitions to the generated content properly.

The ticketing system does not allow users to add a screenshot to their ticket.

Currently, we’re using a third party ticketing system. We have filed a request to support this, but we are depending on our supplier to add this functionality.

Known bugs

Plugin crashes when switching between Manufacturer and ObjectType

At this time, the sorting order for Manufacturer and Object Type can be switched to provide Users with maximized freedom of selection. However, this will be changed in future versions because the software will crash when Users try to switch filtering sequence during the filter and selection process. After such a crash Revit will do a forced restart before you can use the plugin again.

known issue when switching filter sequence for Manufacturer and Object Type

We will be solving this by fixating the Manufacturer and Object Type selection boxes. The end-user will still be able to use either one to filter the object definitions, but won’t be able to change the order in which they are shown in the User Interface.

Plugin crashes when the same component is generated twice.

We will be solving this by implementing a procedure that checks whether a component the end-user selected is already present in the project. If so, the selected component will not be generated.

Plugin authorisation requires a restart from the Revit plugin after logging in.

We will be solving this by reviewing the login procedure and change this procedure to support logging in and using the software in the same session.

Geplaatst in 2.2.2 VerteX for Revit.